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  • What is Arabica coffee?
    Arabica, the world's beloved coffee, thrives in high altitudes like our 1,940 meter Ecuadorian paradise. These beans, known for their smooth, complex flavour and hints of fruit, chocolate, and flowers, are the stars of the coffee world for a reason. Their delicate aromas and nuanced character offer a symphony of taste in every cup, making them a favourite among coffee connoisseurs who appreciate their refined elegance.
  • What kinds of beans should I go for my coffee?
    It's depending on the brewing method and flavour preferences. But here are our suggestions. Drip Coffee: Medium roast, balanced and flavourful beans Opt for a medium grind. Pour-Over: Lighter roast, single-origin beans Use a medium-fine grind. French Press: Full-bodied, darker roast beansGo for a coarse grind. Espresso: Darker roast, dense and oily beans Use a fine grind. Cold Brew: Medium roast, smooth and chocolaty beans Opt for a coarse grind.
  • What is light, medium, and dark roast options?
    While different types of beans can be used for each roast level, the primary difference between light, medium, and dark roast coffee beans lies in the roasting process itself. This determines their flavor, aroma, body, and even caffeine content. Here's a breakdown: Light Roast: Roasting Time: Shorter roasting time (around 7-10 minutes) Color: Light brown, almost tan Flavor: Bright, acidic, often with fruity, floral, or citrus notes Aroma: Delicate and fragrant Body: Lighter and thinner Caffeine Content: Highest among the three roast levels Medium Roast: Roasting Time: Moderate roasting time (around 10-14 minutes) Color: Medium brown Flavor: More balanced than light roasts, with hints of caramel, chocolate, and nuts Aroma: Toasty and nutty Body: Medium and full-bodied Caffeine Content: Lower than light roast but higher than dark roast Dark Roast: Roasting Time: Longest roasting time (around 14-18 minutes) Color: Dark brown, almost black Flavor: Bold, smoky, with notes of roast, chocolate, and bitterness Aroma: Deep and intense Body: Heavy and full-bodied Caffeine Content: Lowest among the three roast levels Additional factors contributing to differences: Bean Origin: Different coffee beans have inherent flavor profiles that can be enhanced or muted by roasting. Processing Method: Washed or natural processing methods can also impact the final flavor.
  • What is Natural coffee?
    NATURAL / DRY PROCESS True natural processed coffee deploys a sorting and drying process that requires more labor and time than the washed process. Once picked, unripe, green cherries are removed by hand. Ripe coffee cherries are then moved to patios for drying with the fruit still intact. Unlike the washed process, the cascara, full mucilage and skin remain intact and dry all together. The fruit normally dries on patios for over a week, and the coffee cherries are mixed manually by paddles to promote even drying. A great deal of care and expertise on the coffee processor’s part is required to prevent rotting or over-fermentation. Once the coffee is dried to a specific moisture content (10-12%) it goes to a mill to be hulled and ready for mechanical sorting to further remove less dense beans, plant matter, shells, etc before entering the bagging and export phase. While the risk of defect in natural processed coffee is greater than in the washed process, when successfully processed, the resulting natural coffee is often appreciated for having an amazing fruit profile with far more complexity than a washed coffee.
  • What process do I follow to place a wholesale order for my business?
    Thank you for your interest in Alema Coffee! We're passionate about bringing exceptional coffee to businesses like yours. For any wholesale inquiry, just email us at and we'll explain the process. Look forward to brewing up success together!
  • How does shipping work when I place an order?
    At ALEMA COFFEE, we offer fast and reliable shipping straight to your door. We take great care in packaging our coffee to ensure it arrives fresh and ready to be enjoyed. Our shipping rates are competitive and we offer free shipping on orders over £40. For more information on our shipping methods, please contact us. ​ Order Processing: Orders are processed within 24 hours on weekdays (excluding bank holidays). Delivery Methods: We offer two delivery options: Standard Delivery: £3.99, estimated delivery within 3-5 working days. Express Delivery: £6.99, estimated delivery within 1-2 working days. Free Shipping: Enjoy free standard delivery on orders exceeding £40. Delivery Zones: Currently, we only deliver within the United Kingdom mainland. Tracking: Once your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information.
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